It is now possible to create a wonderful feeling of depth, space and light in your home using large spans of coloured glass. The technique we use is back painting where we apply a specially formulated paint to the back of the glass and you see the colour through the glass.


    • Modern and stylish look
    • Highly stain resistant
    • Very clean and hygienic
    • Can be shaped to fit any wall

Heat and impact resistant

Makes any room look spacious and modern Light reflective surface brightens any room Extremely strong and durable

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24 Standard Colours

Gold, Silver & Bronze quartz effects

Flash Effect colours in Red, Blue, Green and Vibrant Gold

Colours to suit your home or our designers can produce a unique design to match your wallpaper, existing tiling or a unique creation to express your style.

Custom colour service, it is possible to choose from over 1000 Pantone colours and 215 Ral colours.

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