With so much publicity around saving our planet and reducing our carbon footprints, coupled with the rising costs of energy, there’s never been a better time to consider the economic rating of your home.

After the government’s free cavity wall insulation initiative last year we’re all feeling a little toastier in our homes as we prepare for the cold winter months ahead. But what else can you do to save on heating bills and optimise your home?

Many homes still only have single-glazed windows, or dated double-glazing which is now starting to need to be replaced. Whilst this poses practical issues with the elements such as damp and condensation, nobody wants to pay extortionate heating bills, only to find that in fact, you are heating your back garden! Did you know that single glazed windows can cause you to lose 20% of the heat from your house?

So how can fitting UPVC windows help you to insulate your home better?

Firstly, specialist sealing technology ensures no draught can get through from outside, but also means that any heat inside will be held exactly where you want it. Secondly, they are ‘A’ rated efficiency – which means it will also take less time for your home to warm up as less heat is being expelled outside.

Concerned about the environment? This efficiency will also reduce your carbon footprint automatically.

Why choose Fast Glass? We offer the highest quality UPVC windows at competitive prices, with the expert skill and care from our experienced fitters.

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