Solid roofs are fast becoming the roof of choice when retrofitting a conservatory and single-storey extensions. The solid roofs are tiled and constructed to include high insulation, bespoke designed and using premium quality materials.

Whether you are looking for a replacement or are planning a new build, we can accommodate your needs and supply in all shapes and sizes.

Visit below and see the 4 different solid roof products we supply.


  • Fast + Easy Install

    On-Site Assembly

    The roofing is fabricated to spec and supplied with all the fixings and fasteners to complete the project. These solid roofs can be weathertight in just a few hours.
    Ensuring minimal disruption to your home.

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  • Warmth & Comfort

    Maximum Insulation

    The superior thermal performance of the Icotherm Roof creates a high-quality living space that ensures warmth and comfort, helping to insulate the home, and saving on heating bills.

    Trust comes with a guarantee

    Our roofs are manufacturer guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Our system is also complete building regulations compliant and to know that you have a genuine icotherm product, we stamp all our roof systems.

  • Shapes and Sizes

    Replacement or New build, we can assist

    Our roof can be constructed in any of the typical shapes you find conservatories built-in.

    Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-to, Gable, Hipped Lean-to or a combination of these.


    Our timber solution creates flexibility in design meaning you can have a completely bespoke room with an icotherm roof to match.

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