Bespoke Toughened & Polished Glass Shelves

For the display of valued items, a glass shelving system is a practical and interesting solution. We can design and manufacture everything from an individual shelf to a bespoke audio-visual storage unit. Although most of our glass will have a standard polished edge we also offer a specialist nibbled edge detail for those who require a truly distinctive finish.

We use the highest quality glass to produce our shelves giving it a contemporary look, which requires little effort to clean. Our glass provides minimal obscurity and full transparency allowing light to hit the object from all angles. With a range of simple and stylish brackets to choose from, there is no need to worry about those unsightly brackets or vertical supports.

All our glass products are toughened to British Standards (BS EN 121500:2000) for safety as well as making the glass 4-5 times stronger. All orders go through a rigorous quality assurance process in order to guarantee satisfaction.

Custom Floating Glass Shelves.

Shelving is a staple for any home, either modern or classic in design. They create handy storage space and also allow us to display the things that make our house a home. Whether it’s your child’s graduation photos, your collection of trophies or your favourite books, it’s only right that the things you love are displayed in a way that shows that you care. Futureglass manufactures toughened glass shelves for that very purpose. The cool clean lines of the glass have a timeless appeal without detracting from whatever it is you choose to display. Our glass shelves can be made to order which allows you the freedom of designing a product guaranteed to suit the purpose.

We offer you the ability to include a custom pattern or logo in your glass shelf, this can either be sandblasted, vinyl or painted onto your glass shelf depending on preference. If you choose not to have a pattern or logo included you can also choose to decorate your glass with a custom colour. Please note, if you elect to have your glass coloured then we recommend choosing low iron glass as your glass type. Standard glass has a faint green tint to it which can slightly distort a colour if you apply it. Low iron glass has different chemistry which removes this green tint and allows for a colour to be applied with no distortion.

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