So often we are asked to repair windows which have been damaged accidentally or through daily wear and tear. However it’s also not uncommon for us to find that shoddy workmanship and low quality installations are the cause of the problem.

With so many companies out there all offering similar services at varying rates, all promising to be the best, how do you know who really is the best? Here’s our tips for choosing a quality glass fitter below.


Do you have the style, material or colour I want?

Good quality uPVC windows can last over 30 years and aluminium a couple of decades longer, so it is vital to choose a product you like. Don’t settle – you’re going to have to love your new windows and doors for many years to come.

Get inspiration first and make sure the company has a large range of options, including features that are important to you – if triple glazing, energy efficiency, aesthetics or sustainability matter, then choose a company that shares your values.

What products do you use?

There are some great new products on the market today. Innovations in the manufacturing process mean that many window and door profiles are more thermally efficient, slimmer, colourfast, durable and recyclable than before. However, like in any other industry there are dud products on the market too.

Do your research – ask your installers what suppliers and brands they use.

Can I custom-make my new windows and doors?

All good installers order or manufacture your new double glazing product to your home’s exact measurements. This means that there may be a small wait for your windows or doors to be installed, because they’re busy being made for you personally.

Usually there are fixed maximum sizes or numbers of glass panes. However, we have extensive commercial experience, which means we can create bespoke sizes and shapes of doors for whatever grand project you’re undertaking.

How much experience do you have?

Be wary of any company that can’t provide you with a detailed history or profile of their experience. New companies aren’t necessarily bad, but the more testimonials and case studies they can provide, the better. At Fast Glass we have over 25 years’ experience in the industry and pride ourselves on our good reputation and reliability.

What do your customers say about you?

One of the best ways to gauge whether a double glazing company will do a good job is by asking people who have used the company before. A review or recommendation is reassuring and a lot of our business comes from satisfied customers who want to recommend our services to others. Word of mouth is absolutely the best form of advertising! We’ve had some very good feedback on our installations, check out our testimonials page here.

What happens if I need help after the installation?

Say you have a question about how to operate or maintain your new windows or you have a problem – can you easily get back in touch with your installer? Look for a friendly company that is easy to contact and offers an aftercare service, for your peace of mind. At Fast Glass, customer service is paramount and we’ll do everything possible to help you, even after installation.


Got more questions? We’re always happy to take your call and answer them! Speak to us today on 01282 832 948.

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