Give your windows a unique and sleek look with our integrated blinds system. Our integrated blinds are permanently sealed within the double-glazing cavity. Unlike standard external blinds, once sealed our integrated blinds are protected from damage and require no cleaning. They also have the added benefit of providing improved solar control and enhanced sun-shading features with total privacy.

The Venetian style blinds are available in a choice of colours, which can be operated electrically or by hand cord. Suitable for all vertical window and folding sliding door applications, the units can be retro-installed into existing frames with a 20mm cavity.

The blinds are manufactured using 12.5mm slats, which can be raised, lowered and tilted. This is achieved using a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass via a continuous cord loop that operates the external magnetic dive, thus guaranteeing the unit’s hermetic seal. We also have the option of an electrically operated system.